Thursday, December 20, 2007


Cory won today.

In Golden Spoon, Cory walked in and shot Sarah in her back.

Cory wins with three kills.
Sarah got second with three kills.
Kristen got two kills.
Sunada got one kill.
Kevin got one kill.
Justine, Jillian, Nori, Shiloh, Dan, and Wes all didn't get a single kill.
(Wes would have won the game but he was the 2nd to die b/c Kristen killed him even though he shot first and thought he hit her, but I guess she didn't get hit.)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

For the sake of not having a completely dead blog

I would rather like to get another game going during winter break if we have enough people down here to do so. And if it happens, this time we won't allow 2 of the last handful to go to michigain without getting "killed" first. I'm tired of waiting, my finger trigger is itching. Let's get this game ended so I can own some fools. Hopefully next time around we won't have any rule breakers either!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

For Stephen Pate

This is all that you need right here sir:

You could always scroll down to the august posts down here on the left --------> (then look down)
You're looking for modding 101.

It should have all of the basics there. I think a post or two after that I talk about the Spring replacement stuff.

If you need more help, go to and follow these steps:
1) click on modifications
2) scroll down until you find the nitefinder. (it is an older model but it's the same thing)

for advanced help, start from and follow these steps:
1) click on the forums
2) click on the modifications link within the forums section
3) put in "nitefinder mod" into the search engine at the bottom.

that should do it sir. if you have any questions then either comment, email me or kev, or just call kev since you don't have my number.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The end is near...

Last night, while watching Heroes(which could be seen as an act of neglect towards Heroes), Shiloh was shot dead by Sarah. I imagine Shiloh just sat there and shrieked and then laughed and fell down, but you'll have to ask them.

So, the two final champions have emerged at last.
Sarah-the Queen
Cory-the King

They both get a T-shirt, unless I already returned them because no one was playing anymore....

They each have two kills under their belt now. Who will kill the other and take all the glory for themselves? They will not only get the most kills but the winner of the game. Yikes.

On a side note-Did anyone think Shiloh would be in the final three?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Three left...

Tonight, at my house the final male died. Sunada was shot in my living room by Cory with his Nitefinder.

If anyone didn't know, Cory also killed Justine last week.

So, only Cory, Sarah, and Shiloh are still alive.

Cory and Kristen are tied for the most kills, two kills each.

Let's finish this game soon!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Okay really guys...

Okay guys...Really?

I have half a mind to just call it quits and say you guys that are still in the game are lame b/c you won't end it all...


Anyways. Cory found this sweet game that is a variation of the Assassins game. I think we should play this next. Of course it would have to be played with people that only live close by, sorry far off college people.

Humans vs. Zombies

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ummm, hello?

Guys, the game is still going....

Shiloh and Sarah are the two girls left out in Michigan.
Cory and Sunada are the two guys left here in Cali.

So kill each other or something. I still have the prizes for first place girl and first place guy.